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We Create Custom Avatars for Games & VRChat With Several Features Such as Basic, Rig, Full Rig, Face Rig, Full-Body Tracking, Eye-Tracking, Lip-Sync (Visemes), Face/Hand Gestures, Shape Keys, Dynamic Bones, Colliders, Extra Accesory, Custom Particle Effects, Animations etc. Kindly Check Our Plans Below & Contact Us With All Your Details.


  • We create you a random VRChat avatar based on our own idea.

  • You may choose between male/female avatar.

  • You may also choose general coloring on hair and clothes.

  • No other customizations.

  • You get all features.

  • Dynamic bones.

  • Face/Hand gestures.

  • Full-body tracking.

  • Eye-tracking.

  • Lip-sync (Visemes).

Delivery Time: 5 Days

Price: 50 USD


  • Avatar from scratch.

  • Simple model with one or two accessories.

  • Normal level detail.

  • Dynamic bones & Colliders.

  • Face/Hand gestures.

  • Full-body tracking.

  • Eye-tracking.

  • Lip-sync (Visemes).

  • Commercial Usage allowed.

Delivery Time: 10-15 Days

Price: 100-250 USD


  • Avatar from scratch.

  • Complex models with Several accessories.

  • High detailing.

  • Dynamic bones & Colliders.

  • Face/Hand gestures.

  • Full-body tracking.

  • Eye-tracking.

  • Lip-sync (Visemes).

  • Two Custom Particle FX for VRChat.

  • Commercial Usage allowed.

Delivery Time: 20-30 Days

Price: 250-500 USD

*All avatars for VRChat will be provided with a VRChat Ready Package for Unity

General Pricing Information

  • Simple model for VRChat: 40-80 USD

  • Simple model for games or other commercial projects: 60-120 USD

  • Complex model for VRChat: 120-200 USD

  • Complex model for games & other commercial projects: 150-300 USD

  • Basic rigging: 40 USD

  • Full body rigging including facial rig: 100 USD

  • Complex rig (non-humanoid): 80-200 USD

  • Dynamic bones & collider: 20 USD

  • Accessories/props such as watches, necklace, belt etc: 10-50 USD

  • Weapons such as staff, sword, gun etc: 40-100 USD

  • Setting up avatar for VRChat in unity: 10 USD (Your model must have VRChat features embedded)

  • Custom Particle Effects: 10-30 USD/Particle FX

  • Character Animations: 20-40 USD/Animation (Depending upon the animation detail)

*Avatars in basic plan are provided only for use in VRChat.

**Avatars in standard and premium plan are provided for all types of usage including commercial use.

***We do not provide avatar with sale and redistribution rights. Such acts are not permitted. If you want to acquire full rights including sale & redistribution, kindly contact us. Pricing for such rights may range from 400-1000 USD.

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