Custom 3d Model For VRChat & Games

We Create Custom Avatars for Games & VRChat with Several Features Such as Basic, Rig, Full Rig, Face Rig, Full-Body Tracking, Eye-Tracking, Lip-Sync (Visemes), Face/Hand Gestures, VR Support, Shape Keys, Dynamic Bones, Colliders, Extra Accessory, Custom Particle Effects, Animations etc. Kindly Check our Plans Below & Contact us with your Details.

3D Modelling Services & Pricing

• Simple 3D Model, Fully-Rigged, No Facial Animations, Commercial Use: $100 Approx.

• Simple 3D Model, Fully-Rigged, Facial Animations, Commercial Use: $150 Approx.

• Simple 3D Model, With Extra Accessories, Fully-Rigged, Facial Animations, Commercial Use,     Unity Package, VRM File: $250 Approx.

• Complex 3D Model, Fully-Rigged, Facial Animations, Commercial Use$250 Approx.

• Complex 3D Model, With Extra Accessories, Fully-Rigged, Facial Animations, Commercial         Use, Unity Package, VRM File: $350+ Approx.

Extra 3D Services:

• Unity Package For VRChat or Game Use: $20

• Convert Any Rigged 3D Model to VRM File$25

• 3D Modelling Extra Accessories Such as Weapons, Props etc: $25-$50 Approx.

• Character Animations$50/Animation Cycle

• We Currently Only do Custom Orders For Anime-Style Humanoid Models. Any Other Orders Based On a Non-Humanoid Reference Will Not Be Accepted.

We do not provide 3d models (avatars) with sales and redistribution rights. Such acts are not permitted. If you want to acquire full rights including sales & redistribution, kindly contact us. Pricing for such rights may range from $400-$1000.



To Place an Order, Kindly Contact us at with following details:

  • Character Type: Male/Female & Humanoid/Non-Humanoid (Creature, Monster etc.).

  • Purpose: Game Development/VRChat/Virtual You-tubing/Other (Please Mention).

  • Your Budget: Budget in USD.

  • Describe Your Character Details: Clothing, dresses, shoes, hair, skin complexion, height (Also include any rough image references for these).

  • Mention Extra Details: Such as accessories, weapons, horns, tails, ears etc. (Also include any rough image references for these).

  • Mention Features You Need: Dynamic bones, facial animations, character animations (if any).

  • Mention Files You Need: Unity Package?, VRM File?, OBJ? or any other files if required. (FBX & Blender Source files are always included).

  • Please try to add references for as many things possible (This will make your order faster & easier).

Payments are taken through paypal, we will provide you invoice for your order, payments will be taken after we have fully confirmed your order details. Usual delivery time is 15-20 days.


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